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The Junior Learner Collective 
​(8-12 years old)


Confidence Booster Workshop

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“Confidence Boosters" is specially designed to help children develop social skills in a fun and engaging way. The workshop will be interactive and include various engaging activities such as role-playing exercises, team-building games, and creative projects.

What will they learn?

During the workshop, kids will learn about -

- The importance of using good manners daily and communicating confidently with others.

- Practical skills such as introducing themselves, using polite language, and handling difficult situations confidently.

- How to make a positive first impression and how to project confidence through their body language and tone of voice.

The workshop will also focus on building self-esteem, helping kids to feel more comfortable in social situations, and building strong relationships.

Be A Speak Up Star!

Raising a Hand

Ourworkshop is tailored for provide children with essential skills to become articulate, empathetic, and confident communicators in today's dynamic world.

In this exciting and interactive workshop, children will learn, practice & master the following skills -

The Art of Conversation:

- Building conversational skills and starting meaningful dialogues.

- Understanding the importance of active participation and turn-taking.

- Unlocking the secrets of body language and facial expressions.

Sharpening Listening Skills:

- Cultivating active listening through focus and attention.

- Understanding the art of paraphrasing and clarifying information.

Giving Compliments and Practicing Positive Language:

- Learning the art of sincere compliments and boosting others' confidence.

- Promoting positive and respectful communication in all interactions.

Your child will develop practical communication skills while having fun with their peers through engaging role-plays, team-building exercises, and group discussions. They will gain a deeper appreciation for the nuances of communication and learn how to express themselves confidently and respectfully in both face-to-face and virtual environments.

Give your child the gift of effective communication and confidence. Reserve their spot for the workshop today, and set them on a path to success in their personal, academic, and social interactions.

​Be An Engaging Speaker!

Presentation in Class

In this fun and interactive session, young presenters will learn valuable skills to express themselves with confidence and flair. Whether it's for school projects, storytelling, or future leadership roles, this workshop will empower your child with essential presentation skills.

Workshop Highlights:

- Understanding the Art of Presentation: Learn the fundamentals of what makes a great presentation, including body language, voice modulation, and eye contact.

- Crafting Your Message: Discover how to choose a topic, organize your thoughts, and create a clear message that captivates your audience.

- Mastering Stage Fright: Overcome nervousness and stage fright with techniques and strategies to boost confidence.

- Expressing Your Unique Style: Discover how to infuse your personality into your presentations, making them memorable and authentic.

At the end of this workshop, children will have gained valuable presentation skills, boosted their confidence, and be better equipped to express themselves effectively.

Dining Etiquette Workshop

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Are you eager to equip your child with essential dining skills, ensuring they feel confident and at ease in any dining situation? Look no further! Our workshop is the perfect opportunity for children to embark on an exciting journey of learning and discovery.

In our engaging and interactive sessions, your child will dive into the world of dining etiquette, exploring everything from the proper use of utensils to how to navigate ordering at a restaurant. Through hands-on activities, role-playing, and fun games, they'll master the art of setting a table, learn good manners, and understand the nuances of dining in different occasions, be it informal family gatherings or formal events.

What will they learn?

- Explanation of Different Utensils (forks, knives, spoons)

- Demonstration and Practice of Holding Utensils Correctly

- Overview of Table Setting (placement of utensils, plates, napkins)

- How to order at a restaurant

- Understanding a Menu

- Etiquette for a formal occasion

- Role play activities

- Informal Dining (e.g., family meals)

- Formal Dining (e.g., weddings, fancy dinners)

- Discussion and Demonstration of Proper Behavior

Lunch is provided.

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