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The Teen Discovery League
​(13-18 years old)


Teen Triumph: Mastering Social Skills Workshop

School Students

Are you looking for ways to help your teenager develop crucial life skills like effective communication and self-confidence? Our workshop is here to empower them!

Why Should You Consider Our Workshop?

- Empowerment: Equip your teen with the tools to express themselves confidently.

- Success: Boost their chances of excelling in academics, future careers, and life.

- Safe Environment: A supportive and encouraging space for growth.

- Expert Guidance: Experienced trainer who understands teenagers' unique needs.

Workshop Outline: 

Creating a great First Impression with Verbal and Nonverbal communication:

- Mastering nonverbal communication through facial expressions, body language, and handshakes.

- Presenting ideas with clarity, persuasion, and emotion.

Creating a Confidence Profile:

- Understanding self-esteem and confidence

- Identifying strengths and weaknesses, setting personal confidence goals and creating a confidence action plan.


The Art of Conversation:

- Building conversational skills and starting meaningful dialogues.

Cultivating active listening through focus, attention, paraphrasing and clarifying

- Giving Compliments and Practicing Positive Language: Learning the art of sincere compliments and boosting others' confidence.

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